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A great news for all the BGMI Fans that the updated version of PUBG Mobile created especially for the Indian market, will soon return here. According to a press release from Krafton, the game’s developer and South Korean firm, the company is “highly grateful to the Indian authorities for allowing us to resume operations of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI).” They also added, “We are excited to announce that Battleground Mobile India will be available for download soon, and we cannot wait to welcome you back to our platform.”

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Due to security concerns, BGMI was withdrawn from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store last year. Due to the same security concerns and ties to China, its earlier version, PUBG Mobile, is still prohibited in India. Just days after a report made mention of the company’s ongoing conversations with Indian authorities, Krafton announced the return of BGMI. It was further stated that the business was coordinating with law enforcement to bring the game back.

According to the latest report, Krafton must fulfil a number of requirements set forth by the government before BGMI may resume operations on a full-time basis. According to reports, the corporation has been asked to make the game available with a time constraint each day for 90 days (three months). This will probably stop people from becoming addicted to the game, especially kids. The mental health of youngsters was a worry for authorities last year after a teenager killed his mother after she forbade him from playing BGMI.

Additionally, according to reports, Krafton was tasked with changing the animations to remove any blood. BGMI’s blood was originally red, but Krafton changed it to green to make it seem less violent. If users would only have access to BGMI for a certain period of time each day, Krafton has not made that clear. The game in the battle royale genre will be downloaded soon, according to the press release.

Similar to PUBG, BGMI too has a huge following in India despite only being accessible for a short period of time. Within a year of the game’s release, 100 million users had downloaded it. BGMI made history by being the first eSports event to be televised on mainstream television, according to Krafton, drawing 24 million concurrent viewers and 200 million total viewers.

Despite the earlier BGMI ban, Krafton continued to try to increase the company’s presence in India. Defence Derby, a game that differs significantly from the battle royale-inspired BGMI, was released in India in April by independent studio RisingWings under the Krafton banner. Prior to that, the business released the PC game Road to Valour Empires, created by Dreamotion and Callisto Protocol.

Games with a battle royale theme are still common in India. Players switched to Call of Duty, a hugely popular PC game after BGMI was prohibited. Another well-liked game was Garena Free Fire, but it is no longer playable.

Sean Hyunil Sohn of Krafton disclosed the organisation’s intentions to grow its contribution to the Indian gaming sector. “To fulfil our purpose, we collaborate with local developers and promote the usage of cutting-edge technologies in order to support technological developments in India. We also understand how crucial it is to give Indian talent the training and employment opportunities they need to develop their skill sets and succeed in the field.

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App NameBGMI 2.6 APK and OBB File Download
CompanyKrafton Corporation
File Size450 MB
PlatformGoogle Play Store or Apple App Store
SupportsAndroid 7.0 & Up
UpdatedMay 2023
Download BGMI APK+OBBDownload BGMI 2.6vAPK+OBB

How has the market responded to the Unban of BGMI?

  • Shiva Nandy, the founder and CEO of Skyesports, is eager to see the BGMI return to online gaming competitions. “I welcome Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) return to India. The game was an integral part of our esports roadmap before, and while we have diversified to other titles, we look forward to integrating India’s favourite battle royale title into our IPs like the Skyesports League, Skyesports Championship, and more in the near future,” he said. The game was formerly a crucial component of our eSports roadmap.
  • Roby John, CEO and co-founder of SuperGaming echoes a similar feeling by saying how happy they are that BGMI is coming back. “There would be no Indus without PUBG/BGMI, and playing PUBG and other shooters like Apex and CoD has defined the space for us and our player expectations. We’re glad it’s coming back; gaming should be without boundaries.”
  • According to the founder and CEO of Revenant Esports, Rohit Jagasia, they were already beginning to prepare for the game’s return after hearing rumblings about it: “We look forward to using the game to strengthen our newly-launched content IPs and expanding them further to include BGMI. The game’s return will definitely be a huge boost to the entire esports industry and reopen revenue streams for all stakeholders.”
  • Anurag Khurana, CEO and founder of Penta Esports believes BGMI’s return will rejuvenate the Indian gaming and content creation communities. “BGMI has shown massive traction from the Indian gaming community, and it will be great for the community. BGMI’s return will be beneficial for the entire gaming community, including content creators, esports athletes, and others,” he said.


Why was BGMI banned in India?

In September 2020, PUBG Mobile was prohibited in India due to concerns about data security and the addictive nature of the game. The Indian government received numerous complaints and considered it a threat to national security.

From where can I download Battleground Mobile India?

Once the game is launched, you can acquire Battleground Mobile India from official app stores for Android devices, such as the Google Play Store. If it becomes available, iOS users may download it from the Apple App Store.

Will players be able to transfer their PUBG Mobile data to Battleground Mobile India?

Krafton has not provided specific details regarding the transfer of data from PUBG Mobile to Battleground Mobile India. However, they have stated that they will offer a method for players to migrate their in-game data to the new game.

Will Battleground Mobile India have any changes compared to PUBG Mobile?

Yes, Battleground Mobile India is anticipated to incorporate certain alterations in comparison to PUBG Mobile to comply with Indian regulations and address concerns raised by the government. These modifications may include adjusted content, enhanced data security measures, and gameplay tweaks.

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