BINGO Blitz Free Credit Links, How to Get Free Credits

You are in the right place if you want to play Bingo Blitz and gain additional credits. We’ll demonstrate credit and collection item tricks and ways to earn more money. A social and mobile game called Bingo Blitz is accessible on Facebook, Google Play, and the Apple app store. Get the game downloaded to get started. You can get off to a good start and prepare for the next level with the support of these trips and tricks.

Bingo Blitz, a new mobile game, lets players join virtual Bingo rooms and play against real people worldwide! To play, you need credits. Today, we’ll provide credit links and show you how to earn more credits with our Bingo Blitz cheats and tips and tricks guide.

What is Bingo Blitz?

The popular online multiplayer game Bingo Blitz mixes the traditional bingo game with fun gameplay components and social features. It was first made available in 2010 by Playtika, a renowned mobile game developer.

In Bingo Blitz, gamers can enter virtual bingo halls and compete with other players from around the globe. This wonderful game aims to check off numbers on a bingo card when they are called out. Every themed room in the game has a distinctive design and gameplay mechanics.

Bingo Blitz stands out because of its social component. Through the in-game chat and gifting features, players can play with their friends or find new friends by connecting their game to Facebook. Additionally, the game provides collections and awards that boost the excitement and progression, special objects, and power-ups that may be utilized to increase your chances of winning, and power-ups.

Bingo Blitz may be played anywhere because of its availability across a variety of platforms, including Facebook and mobile devices (iOS and Android). It has a significant player base and remains a popular option for those seeking an enjoyable and communal bingo experience.

The game functions with various unique power-ups that can help you win, which is one of the first things you should know about. First among all of these is the Instant Win power-up, which lets you enhance your playing cards with a gold coin square. All of your cards with an Instant Win star will then become visible. Using these power-ups, you can increase the appeal and worth of your cards. With this power-up, you can play Bingo more quickly.

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Today’s Bingo Blitz credits links (September 22)

DateRewardCollect here
September 22, 2023CreditsLink
September 22, 2023CreditsLink
September 22, 2023CreditsLink
September 22, 2023CreditsLink
September 22, 2023CreditsLink
Bingo Blitz Credits Links

How to Get More Free Credit and Coins?

Below are some tips, tricks, and hacks to win the absolutely interesting game Bingo Blitz.

Use Coin Generator Tool Hack

Use the right hack tool to get unlimited Bingo Blitz Credits and Cash. By using a hacking tool, you can get free access to the game’s special features. The hacking tool doesn’t require any installations or visits to unsafe websites. It is also safe and doesn’t involve any scams or ways to compromise your identity. Simply download it from the app store and start enjoying unlimited cash and credits right away.

Hacking tools are available on all Android devices. The File Manager software must be launched to install it.

  • Once you install it,
  • Look for the DOWNLOAD folder,
  • Then, choose the APK file.

You’ll get endless credits and coins after it’s installed.

Through the in-game Social Media pages

Another way to earn coins in Bingo Blitz is through the in-game social media pages. You can use these to get massive free credits. These credits can be used to unlock things. You can also complete your quests in the game, allowing you to collect items. You will also be able to earn free credits by collecting items. You can also get free coins by clicking on your teammates’ Bingo Blitz wall posts.

Daily Bonus

The Daily Bonus is probably the simplest method for obtaining free coins and credits. You will automatically receive some coins and some credits for simply opening the game for the first time on a new day.

You will also receive a free spin on the daily bonus wheel in addition to all of that. On the wheel, you can collect a wide variety of credits and coins, and the best part is that the rewards get better as your level rises.

Gift Centre

You can send and request gifts from your Facebook-connected companions using the Gift Center. You can send each other free credits, power-up packs, and slot spin packs if you have many Facebook friends who also play Bingo Blitz. Just remember to pay it forward!

Unfortunately, you must link your Facebook account to the game for this functionality to be effective. There are many other ways to increase your coins and credits, so don’t feel pushed to use this method if you don’t want to. We are aware that not everyone uses Facebook.

Complete Collections

Whenever you play bingo in a new place, there are various prizes to win. There are approximately six objects to take from each place, and you’ll need all of them to finish the collection.

You receive free credits for completing collections; therefore, you should finish each area’s collection before moving on. Additionally, each map section has gifts that can only be unlocked if you have sufficient stars obtained through finishing collections. Free credits are frequently included in these gifts.

Boost your Cards

Once your player level is high enough, you can boost your cards. There are four tiers to card boosts, and each tier provides more rewards for you. Winning will get you all the rewards, but getting Daubs will also net you some nice goodies.

Play the Special Events

Upon reaching player level 7, you’ll unlock the ability to play the limited-time special events. These events have different themed boards, and there may be slight changes to how you play, but in the end, you’re still playing Bingo!

These special events usually have better rewards than the normal Bingo levels, so you’ll want to take the time to play them when you unlock them.

Sign Up for Playtika Rewards

The people who made Bingo Blitz, Playtika, have their own loyalty program. When you level up or buy things in the game, they give you Status Points. These points give you a boost that lasts forever. And you know what? The more Status Points you have, the more credits and coins you can get while playing!

You must register for a Playtika account to sign up for a Playtika Rewards account. You can do this by tapping the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen to access the system menu and then selecting “Reward System.”

We should also mention that if you search for free stuff in Bingo Blitz, you may find some websites that link you to shady hacks and APKs. We highly recommend against installing any modded APK or using third-party hack tools, as they may result in viruses and unwanted software.


So, we compiled today’s Bingo Blitz credit links and all the tips and tricks of Bingo Blitz to get more credits and coins free. Before downloading any application or moving to any website, research, as some websites are misleading people. Be aware of the scams and hackers, and keep playing and earning.


How do you get free gems on Bingo Blitz?

In Bingo Blitz, gems are the key to unlocking extraordinary possibilities. Learn how to earn free gems as you progress through the game. Complete daily quests, participate in special events, and engage with the vibrant Bingo Blitz community to accumulate gems.

Can I Gift Free Credits to Friends?

Absolutely! Bingo Blitz is about making new friends and sharing the game experience. That’s why they have created a way for the players to send their friend’s credits inside the game. In return, you can send your besties bonuses and request free Bingo Blitz bonuses from them. Exchanging in-game gifts with friends is one of the best ways to earn free Bingo Blitz credits.

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