How To Get a Free Doordash Gift Cards upto $50

DoorDash is one of the most popular on-demand food delivery services. They have well-established partnerships with local restaurant owners.

To enhance user interaction, DoorDash came up with gift cards. These gift cards allow users to get cash back, free delivery, and other similar services.

However, the real question that arises is how to get these gift cards or how you can avail of them. There are several ways to avail yourself of a gift card. Here are some of the legit ways to get gift cards for free, and we will also provide some Gift Card Codes free of Cost.

DoorDash gift cards

DoorDash gift cards are like magical vouchers that let you buy yummy food from your most-loved restaurants without even leaving your home. Imagine you want to make someone’s day extra special, whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, or simply to show your appreciation. Well, DoorDash gift cards are the secret to spreading happiness through tasty meals.

All Active DoorDash Gift Card

    How to use a DoorDash Gift Card?

    Follow these steps to redeem a free gift card:

    • Step 1: Firstly, open your DoorDash app.
    • Step 2: Visit the account section if you are using the app. And in case you are using a website, then visit the hamburger menu icon.
    • Step 3: In both cases, you will find the “Gift Card” option. After this option, tap on “Have a gift card? Redeem it here!”.
    • Step 4: A blank space will pop up once you tap the above option. Enter the 11-digit gift card PIN.
    • Step 5: The last step is to tap on “Redeem Gift Card.”

    Redeem your DoorDash Gift Card in five steps.

    Enable Cash Co-branded card offers

    If you have a cash credit card, then you can enable it’s gift card benefits. DoorDash teamed with Cash Credit Card to provide additional free benefits to their consumers.

    According to the offer, users need to activate a DoorDash pass called DaashPaas. This pass comes with a one-year free membership, unlimited free deliveries at $0, and other similar services.

    However, the only drawback of this method is that users need a cash credit card. Otherwise, this doesn’t apply to you.

    DoorDash Promotions 

    DoorDash promotions are the legit way to earn DoorDash gift cards.

    Here’s how to participate in DoorDash promotion. Firstly, keep yourself updated with every new update. Track their social media handles and their promotions.

    As a part of an advertising campaign, DoorDash provides a certain number of gift cards. All you have to do is participate and do the task required to fulfill their campaign.

    Branded Survey

    Branded Survey is a renowned website that gives users rewards when they complete the given tasks. These tasks are usually survey forms and filling captach.

    Once you have reached the $5 hallmark, users are allowed to get free DoorDash gift cards.

    One of the benefits of this method is that anyone who knows branded surveys can benefit from the offer.

    Complete DoorDash task 

    DoorDash gift cards are the underrated method to win a few DoorDash gift cards.

    Here are details on how you can win DoorDash gift cards. This method isn’t always applicable but works well when you know the entire process.

    So, DoorDash provides gift cards when you complete certain tasks. Mostly, these are one-time tasks such as following social media and subscribing to their e-mail list.

    Reward Mastercard

    Reward Mastercard is DoorDash’s membership offer. Annually, users have to pay $10,000, then they redeem the various offers and also take advantage of master card discounts.

    Once your card is activated, users can earn up to 4% cash back on DoorDash and Cavier, 2% cash back on grocery, 1% cash back on everywhere, and 3% cash back on dining.

    If you are someone who regularly uses DooDash, MasterCard is the best option. This covers both cashback and gift cards.

    Refer DoorDash to a friend

    Referring or inviting new people to DoorDash is the ultimate way to earn gift cards.

    DoorDash referral program is the same as any other referral program.  Users are asked to refer or invite new DoorDash, and as a reward, they get some gift cards.

    However, how many gift cards you win depends on your ability to add new members.


    SwagBuck is a popular website that gives awards to users for completing the task. Tasks like completing surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and completing similar tasks like these.

    As a reward, Swagbucks gives rewards to users, and these rewards can be given to DoorDash gift cards as well. The best thing about Swagbucks is it’s trusted and well-known. Therefore, you can redeem as many free gift cards as you can.

    Survey website

    Other than Branded Survey and SwagBuck, there are several other websites that allow users to win free gift cards.

    Survey Junkie, Prize Rebel, Inbox Dollar, etc are some of the websites. You can use any of these websites as well.

    What not to do to get free gift cards?

    Whenever it comes to earning gift cards, several fraud websites try to trick people.

    Before investing time in any, make sure the website is trusted and gives the rewards. And when it comes to redeeming the DoorDash promotion cards, read the guidelines to understand the offer.

    While involving a third party website makes it’s.


    To earn gift cards, you must track all the promotion campaigns and the upcoming event.  Keep yourself updated with all the details, and always check your email for deals and offers. Additionally, you can use free survey sites and the referral program to get some free DashDoor gift cards.

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