10+ Most Beautiful Women in the World 2023

Beauty is a personal, dynamic concept that has always been cherished across cultural boundaries. Numerous lists highlighting the beauty of women from all backgrounds are published annually. In 2023, The globe is still enthralled by the attractiveness and charm of many extraordinary ladies.

List of 15 Most Beautiful Women in the World

Let’s look at some female role models that have won people over with their grace, ability, and inner brilliance. The list is not in any particular order.

1) Jodie Comer

  • Date of birth: March 11, 1993
  • Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
  • Height: 5.8 ft
  • Nationality: British
  • Profession: Actress
  • Awards and Achievements: British Academy Television Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Golden Globe Awards

According to the list, British actress Jodie Comer is the most attractive woman on earth. For her face, the ratio was 94.52% accurate. Among the films that include her work are Killing Eve, The White Princess, The Free Guy, and Help.

The actress, who is 29 years old, has received numerous honors. Comer was included on Forbes’ annual list of “30 Under 30” in February 2019 and British Vogue’s list of “The Most Influential Girls of 2018” in December 2018 as one of the top 30 most notable individuals in the European entertainment industry under 30.

2) Zendaya

  • Date of Birth: September 1, 1996
  • Place of birth: California, U.S.
  • Height: 5.9 ft
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actress, Singer
  • Awards and Achievements: Two Primetime Emmy Awards

The American-born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an actress and musician. With a ratio of 94.37%, she is ranked second on the list. In the Spider-Man series, she has portrayed various roles in films like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Dune, Malcolm & Marie, and The Greatest Showman. Numerous awards, including two Primetime Emmys, have been given to her. Zendaya was listed among the top 100 world influencers for 2022 on Time magazine’s list.

3) Bella Hadid

  • Date of Birth: October 9, 1996
  • Place of Birth: Washington, DC, United States
  • Height: 5.7 ft
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Super Model
  • Achievements: Model of the Year, Social Media Star of the Year, and many more awards

Bella Hadid, the popular personality and model’s sister, is well known for her striking sense of style. Hadid didn’t start modeling until she was 16 years old. She experienced enormous recognition and success in her early 20s. She is the world’s most beautiful girl, based on the golden ratio of face attractiveness. Supermodel Bella Hadid, who scored 94.35% on Dr. Julian DeSilva’s beauty test, has the most beautiful face, followed by Beyonce and actress Amber Heard.

Hadid has made 27 appearances on worldwide Vogue magazine covers in the last four years. This model is skilled at drawing viewers’ attention while performing a ramp walk. Bella Hadid is very gracious and modest, according to her friends and family.

4) Beyonce

  • Date of Birth: September 4, 1981
  • Place of Birth: Houston, Texas, U.S.
  • Height: 5.8 ft
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actress, Producer, Businesswoman, Director

Beyonce is also an actress. She received the award for most gorgeous woman after placing fourth with a precision of 92.44%. BeyoncĂ©’s innovative aesthetic vision and potent vocals have earned her the title of the most influential female singer of the twenty-first century, according to NPR. She was the first female musician to do it with her seven studio albums, all of which debuted at number one in the US. She has acquired the title “Queen Bey” as a result of her success, which has elevated her to the position of a cultural icon.

5) Ariana Grande

  • Date of Birth: June 26, 1993
  • Place of Birth: Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.
  • Height: 5.2 ft
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actress
  • Achievements: Brit Award, Bambi Award, two Grammy Awards, three American Music Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and 30 Guinness World Records

American actress and singer-songwriter Ariana Grande is both of these things. With an accuracy of 91.81%, she came in at number five, making her the most attractive lady. The 29-year-old’s four-octave vocal range is well known. Pop and R&B music are performed by Ariana Grande. She releases video albums. Her song “Thank You Next” gained a lot of popularity. In May 2022, Grande signed the ‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ full-page ad in The New York Times in favor of abortion rights in the US. She was one of 160 famous people and creatives who did so.

6) Taylor Swift

  • Date of Birth: December 13, 1989
  • Place of Birth: West Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Height: 5.9 ft
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Singer-Songwriter
  • Achievements: She has won numerous awards and achieved numerous achievements. She won the Song of the Year Award and the Album of the Year Award. Four-time Grammy Award winner.

The audience knows Taylor Swift best for her incredibly moving songs. This woman stands out from the crowd due to the distinctive style in which she tells stories through the music she writes. She has a kind and modest disposition. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has stunning blue eyes and a lovely facial form. She scored 91.64 percent on the Golden Ratio’s attractiveness index.

7) Jourdan Dunn

  • Date of Birth: August 3, 1990
  • Place of Birth: Brent, London, England
  • Height: 5.11 ft
  • Nationality: British
  • Profession: Model

Jourdan Dunn, a British model, rose to the seventh spot on the list after scoring 91.39 percent. The fact that the model was the first black woman to walk the Prada runway in ten years helped make her famous. Many businesses have used the tactic in the past, including H&M, Burberry, DNKY, Marcus, and Gap. She was also chosen to represent Maybelline in New York in 2014.

8) Kim Kardashian

  • Date of Birth: October 21, 1980
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Height: 5.2 ft
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Media personality, Businesswoman

Kim Kardashian, an American media celebrity and businesswoman, came in at number eight on the list of most beautiful women, with a beauty score of 91.28%. Time magazine included Kardashian in their list of the top 100 influencers of 2015. Two of Kardashian’s product lines, KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance, were released in 2017. The 42-year-old actress guest stars in the reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In April 2022, Kardashian founded the private equity company Sky Partners with a former Carlyle Group associate. She made her modeling debut on the Balenciaga runway during Paris Fashion Week alongside Nicole Kidman, Dua Lipa, and Christine Quinn.

9) Deepika Padukone

  • Date of Birth: January 5, 1986
  • Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Height: 5.57 ft
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Profession: Actress and Model
  • Achievements: Three Filmfare Awards; IIFA Award for Star Debut of the Year

Deepika Padukone is one of the world’s highest-paid actors and the most attractive lady. She is the most desirable and well-paid actress in Bollywood. She received a 91.22 percent on the attractiveness scale of the Golden Ratio.

She contributed to many popular films, including Piku, Pathaan, and Bajirao Mastani. She will work on the Hollywood film XXX: Return of Xander Cage in 2017. She is the founder and director of the Live, Laugh, and Love Foundation, which promotes understanding of mental health concerns in India. She is the wife of prominent Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

10) HoYeon Jun

  • Date of Birth: 23rd of June 1994
  • Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 5.10 ft
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Profession: Model and Actress

HoYeon Jun, a South Korean model, and actress, scored an 89.63% on the Golden Ratio scale, making her the tenth most gorgeous woman in the world. After landing her breakthrough role in the highly acclaimed Squid Games, the supermodel attained global fame. In the previous season of Korea’s Next Top Model, she came in second. The actor received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the Primetime Emmy Awards thanks to her outstanding performance.

11) Scarlett Johansson

  • Date of Birth: November 22, 1984
  • Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York, U.S
  • Height: 5.24 ft
  • Profession: Actress
  • Achievements: She won the BAFTA and was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Lost in Translation.

The most beautiful girl in the world is Scarlett Johansson. She is an American model, singer, and actress. She started acting professionally when she was young. Her breakthrough performance was with Bill Murray in “Lost in Translation.” ScarJo successfully portrayed a 25-year-old woman while only 18 years old. Her other well-known movies include Lucy, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, and Don Jon.

12) Angelina Jolie

  • Date of Birth: June 4, 1975
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Height: 5.54 ft
  • Profession: Actress, filmmaker, humanitarian, UN Ambassador
  • Achievements: She has received an Oscar, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards

Hollywood’s highest-paid actress and the most stunning lady in the world is said to be Angelina Jolie, the most gorgeous and finest woman of all time. She rose to fame after starring in the Lara Croft blockbuster films. She is also actively involved in problems related to women’s, human, and child rights. She established the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which supports charitable initiatives worldwide.

13) Halle Berry

  • Date of Birth: June 4, 1975
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Height: 5.54 ft
  • Profession: Actress, filmmaker, humanitarian, UN Ambassador
  • Achievements: She has received an Oscar, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards

Halle Berry, a multi-talented and stunningly beautiful woman, started her career as a charming model before rising to become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. Halle still holds the distinction of being the only African-American actress to have won an Oscar for a leading part. She did it in 2002 for her work in the movie Monster’s Ball.

14) Aishwarya Rai

  • Date of Birth: November 1, 1973
  • Place of Birth: Mangalore, India
  • Height: 5.57 ft
  • Profession: Actress
  • Achievements: She has been awarded the Padma Shri by the Government Of India, and she has also won numerous other awards and accolades

Nearly every “world’s most beautiful women” list there is on earth features Aishwarya Rai. In 1994, she received the Miss World title. With her captivating eyes and endearing performances, she has pulled off some of the most gorgeous styles. She made her acting debut in the 1997 Hindi film Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya and the 1997 Tamil film Iruvar directed by Mani Ratnam. Over forty films in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali include her acting.

15) Emma Watson

  • Date of Birth: April 15, 1990
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Height: 5.4 ft
  • Profession: Actress
  • Achievements: She has won over a dozen awards for her performance in The Harry Potter movies and her other works

The gorgeous, seductive women Harry Potter franchise heroine Emma Watson developed became a highly skilled and reputable actor. She is one of the world’s most well-known and influential figures. She attended Brown College. She has also appeared in Noah, The Beauty, and the Beast, and Perks of Being a Wallflower.


As we concluded, beauty is not just about outward appearances but also about a person’s unique, compassionate, and powerful traits. These ladies are diversely talented and have changed the world for the better by using their influence and attractiveness to inspire others. Let us keep in mind that true beauty is eternal and found in people’s deeds and character as we continue to appreciate beauty in all of its forms.

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