10+ Best Paypal Games That Pay Real Money 2023

Everyone plays games on their phone, but have you ever thought you can earn real money? There are so many applications and websites that pay real PayPal money through whenever you play and win. To make it clear, it is totally a form of side hustle or side-earning, so please don’t totally depend on these websites and applications for money.

These games are packed with entertainment as well as opportunities. From your comfort zone, you can earn real money by playing these PayPal games. These PayPal games are for everyone, whether you are a casual player or a pro player. In the article below, we will be covering 15 PayPal games and apps through which you can earn.

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15 PayPal Games That Pay Real Money

Paypal Games are the games from which players can win real cash in games and withdraw it via a Paypal account. There is a wide range of game genres available and they all reward real cash. We have provided 15 games and apps that pay real PayPal money.

1. Toluna

By sharing your opinions on the Toluna platform, which values them, you can get paid via PayPal. You can contribute your insights and get paid by participating in surveys, conversations, and other activities. As you finish surveys, take part in events, and participate in discussions, points are awarded. For rewards, including PayPal cash, these points can be accumulated and exchanged.

2. Inbox Dollars

inbox dollar

The InboxDollars website provides a very simple and enjoyable way to make money. from completing surveys to watching videos and online shopping. A range of videos, from entertaining to educational, are available to watch on InboxDollars. You will get rewards for watching these videos, and you can withdraw those money reawards via paypal account.

3. Lucky Chest

With the help of engaging games and rewards, you can earn PayPal money with the help of Lucky Chest. This app provides a user friendly ui so that you can earn money quickly.

There are many different activities offered by Lucky Chest, and each one has a reward when it is finished. The activities are, such as watching videos, answering surveys, and playing little games. There is frequently a referral program available, allowing you to invite friends and acquaintances to use the platform. You earn more money when you refer your friend.

4. Gamee Prizes

A fantastic online gaming site called Gamee Prizes offers not only endless hours of entertainment but also the chance to make real money using PayPal.To get started, create your Gamee Prizes account and explore a wide variety of games that cater to different interests and skill levels. Take part in exciting competitions to increase your earnings.

As you play, Prizes Points, the platform’s virtual currency, will accumulate for you. The unique aspect of Gamee Prizes is the option to convert these points into actual cash via PayPal, so long as your PayPal account is linked to a verified Gamee Prizes account.

To maximize your earnings, play regularly, engage with the Gamee Prizes community, and consider a premium membership. While having fun playing games, keep security and time management in mind. Join the Gamee Prizes community now, and you might be the next person to successfully turn their gaming prowess into cash.

5. Brain Battle

Earning money through PayPal from Brain Battle is an exciting opportunity for those who enjoy challenging themselves with brain-teasing games. Simply register for a Brain Battle account to get started, then explore their selection of different challenging puzzles and trivia games. To earn Brain Coins, which is the app virtual currency, take part in daily challenges and multiplayer contests. The more you play and the more you win and earn Brain Coins. Once you’ve reached a threshold amount, you can convert your Brain Coins for real money via paypal, which will be transferred to your PayPal account.

6. Moo Cash

Earning money through PayPal from MooCash is a simple and rewarding at the same time. To get started, download the MooCash app and sign up for an account. Once you’ve signed up, you will find various tasks like watching videos, trying out new apps, completing surveys, and performing other activites.
Each activity you engage in on the app will earn you MooCash coins, which can be converted into real money via PayPal. you can also earn money by Referring friends to MooCash.

7. Cash Pirate Buzz

Earning money through PayPal from Cash Pirate Buzz is a simple and rewarding process. Download the Cash Pirate Buzz app and create your account. Once you’re registered, you can search a variety of tasks like downloading and trying out new apps, watching videos, and taking surveys same as moocash app.

When you complete task you will will earn Pirate Coins, which is apps virtual currency and you can exchange them for real money sent directly to your PayPal account. To maximize your earnings, be sure to check the app regularly for new tasks and offers.

8. Rakuten

Earning money through PayPal with Rakuten is a simple and rewarding process for online shoppers. Sign up for a free Rakuten account, then shop at your favorite online stores via the Rakuten platform. Rakuten offers cashback rewards, giving you a percentage of your purchase amount back as Rakuten Cash Back. As you shop for a wide range of products, from clothing to electronics, these cashback rewards accumulate in your Rakuten account. Once you’ve accrued a substantial amount, you can request a PayPal payment, which Rakuten typically processes every three months, as long as you meet the minimum balance requirement. This extra money in your PayPal account can be used for future online purchases, transferred to your bank, or spent as you wish.

9. WorldWinner

Earning money via PayPal with WorldWinner is an exciting venture for skill-based gamers. You can pick from a number of skill games, such as Solitaire and Bejeweled, to play against other players after registering and funding your WorldWinner account. When you play these games well, you can receive cash prizes; the amount you receive is based on both your performance and the game’s entry fee. you can Simply withdraw your winning money to your PayPal account make sure that PayPal is connected to your WorldWinner account.

10. Solitaire Cash

Earning money through PayPal with Solitaire Cash is as enjoyable as it is simple. Start by downloading the Solitaire Cash app, create an account, and play various Solitaire games. Your skill and success in these games directly linked to your cash earnings. As you play and collect points, some games even offer the opportunity to win cash prizes. Once you’ve reached a suitable balance, request a withdrawal to your PayPal account, ensuring it’s linked to the app.

11. My Points

Earning money via PayPal with MyPoints is easy. From this app, you can earn cashback rewards by shopping at numerous online retailers simply click on offers through your MyPoints account and shop as usual. Additionally, you can collect points by participating in surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even referring friends to join. Once you’ve collected enough points, redeem them for PayPal cash, which will be transferred to your PayPal account.

12. MobilityWare

MobilityWare in You can Play engaging games like Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, players can start in-game challenges and events, collecting valuable in-game points. These virtual earnings can be converted into real money by linking your PayPal account to your MobilityWare account. Once you’ve gathered a thershold amount of in-game currency, a simply request for withdraw and then it will transfer your earnings directly to your PayPal account.

13. Golden Tee Golf

In Golden Tee Golf, You can earn Money by participating in tournaments and events to compete against others and earn valuable in-game currency, typically in the form of coins or credits. As you collect these rewards, the app often offers the option to exchange them for real PayPal funds, provided you’ve linked your PayPal account. Once you’ve collected enough currency and initiated a withdrawal, your PayPal balance will be credited, ready for use in online shopping, transferring to your bank, or any financial needs you have. Golden Tee Golf offers an enjoyable way to transform your gaming skills into real money via PayPal.

14. Truist Long Game

Earning money through PayPal with Truist Long Game is a unique blend of savings and maning money. After downloading the Truist Long Game app and creating your account, you’ll set savings goals and engage in games and challenges designed to help you save money and giving rewards for that. As you play and progress in your financial objectives. Once you’ve reached your savings goals and accumulated a substantial amount of coins, you can request a withdrawal to your PayPal account. These funds can then be used for online shopping, transferred to your bank, or utilized according to your financial preferences.

15. Bananatic

Earning money through PayPal with Bananatic offers gamers a unique and satisfying experience. There is a collection of free-to-play online games. As you play these games and complete various in-game tasks and challenges, such as reaching specific levels or goals, Successful completion of these tasks earns you virtual currency known as “Bananas.” Collect enough Bananas, and you can exchange them for real PayPal cash right on the Bananatic platform.


How do I get money through PayPal?

You must have a PayPal account to withdraw your winnings from games offered by PayPal. When you win a prize, you can move the money from your game platform account to your PayPal account. You can withdraw the money from your bank account or use it to make purchases online.

Do PayPal games pay real money?

PayPal itself isn’t a game platform, but online games and gambling sites use it for real money transactions. Make sure to research and understand the rules and laws before participating.

Do games pay real money?

Yes. Many games offer real-money rewards but be careful to explore whether they are legit before playing.

What games take PayPal?

Lots of online games and platforms accept PayPal for payments, including major gaming platforms and some gambling sites.


The number of websites and applications to earn real cash by playing games has greatly increased in the past few years. Some of these websites charge entry fees, while others are free. You can redeem points, units, or coins for PayPal cash on these applications and websites.

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