SAM & COLBY’s Conjuring House Adventure & More

Sam Golbach and Colby Brock, prominent as SAM & COLBY, are an American comedy duo. Along with being a super hit comedy duo, they’re recognized as YouTube daring exploration. SAM & COLBY initiated their careers on Vine, and fortunately, they became famous for their prank videos. Likewise, the comedy duo also became famous for their YouTube live broadcasts.

The comedy duo, with over 6.5 million YouTube subscribers, focuses on making paranormal and scariest videos for its followers. Since SAM & COLBY are well-known for making daring “exploration” videos, they have a number of scariest videos.

To name a few, ALONE in the Real Conjuring House, The Scariest Night of My Life (Bowers Mansion), Exploring Abandoned Beach Hotel (Heavily Guarded), Chornobyl: The People Who Saved The World, Exploring Abandoned Six Flags, My Terrifying Experience Alone at haunted Lighthouse, etc.

There is no doubt that SAM & COLBY make interesting exploration videos that include ghost investigations and paranormal activities. They believe that “The More Haunted & abandoned, the Better!”. They visit empty prisons, hospitals, orphanages, and the list goes on and on.


Today, we will be discussing one of their scariest videos, One Week Survival at the Conjuring House of 2023. On returning to the Conjuring House, they met the owner, Jacqueline Nunez, who informed the spirits were waiting for its guest’s return. Also, she concluded that spirits are ready to welcome their guests. One of the spirits would like to have a conversation with its special guest told by the owner and 2 guides. SAM & COLBY were all again afraid as it was a week’s stay at the most haunted house here. They called it a “Hell Week,” and guess what? They have reached a whopping 10,000,000 subscribers, and to celebrate this whopping success, they decided to revisit. They were truly frightened, and they covered every incident they had experienced.

As they started to explore the Conjuring House, they heard something like rolling stairs at the upper side. As they approached the upper side of the house, they noticed that the light was flickering. In fact, the lights flickered previously in the entire house. They made a pact to sleep with one of the dolls kept in the upper room. They even saw a silhouette of a man the previous time they visited.

Abigail Arnold is the most active spirit, and once they packed up the filming, something bizarre happened. It was some spirit who echoed Colby’s voice. They used the Ouija Board to call the spirit to communication. SAM & COLBY were so very threatened that they literally cried. Every unusual act happened, and their experience was a mixture of thrill and fear.

They also have One of their scariest video, “ALONE in The Real Conjuring House.” This episode was full of thrill and haunting vibes. This is one of the most exciting and thrilling locations one can ever visit. Followers have seen them visiting alone at this location, and this has really staked up to this location. The sand in the birthing room and entertainment factor were too good as the video showcased the really bold actions of SAM & COLBY. They have tried to help soldiers in a unique manner. It seemed really freaking as if they were alone. Additionally, you can witness their anxiety level in this video.

We can see that COLBY was able to sit in the basement of the Conjuring House alone. Let’s salute his bravery in this video. Likewise, SAM even witnessed a shadow in the window, and COLBY was in the basement all alone. The solid evidence they received during the portion felt exciting. Two spirit sessions happening in different rooms were thrilling, too. If you haven’t watched the Conjuring House video yet, then its time to watch it well. Interestingly, they had spent a week at the Real Conjuring House. The ghost hunters tried to survive a long week at the most haunted house in the United States of America. They survived to check whether the place was really demonic. This Halloween season, you should definitely watch the video to get haunted vibes. The knocking parts and different voices captured the attention of viewers to a greater extent. These were the unusual, paranormal activities they actually encountered in the 2021 video.

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