World Photography Day: Why its Celebrate & Beautiful Places For Photography Around The Globe

It is difficult to imagine a world without photography. Nowadays, so many of us take loads of pictures. And instantly, we share them with people around the world with the help of social networking sites.

But think about those earliest days of photography, when people weren’t worried about words like ‘megapixels’ or ‘dynamic range’. They don’t talk about how to make a picture look good. Those early days were all about being simple and incredible just by capturing light and making it stay on a special material that could keep it for a long time.

World Photography Day is a big worldwide celebration just for photography and photographers. It’s a day when people all around the world come together virtually just to enjoy and appreciate the art, excitement, and importance of taking pictures. This special day happens every year on August 19th.

Why is World Photography Day Celebrated?

Throughout the whole year, we only tend to see photographs, appreciate them for a while, and then forget about them. So, World Photography Day gives a big shoutout to all the people who take pictures and are in love with photography. It doesn’t matter if they’re professionals who do it for a living or just regular people like you and me. It’s all about celebrating the awesome moments that pictures help us remember.

In the year 1837, two French guys named Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre came up with something amazing called a “Daguerreotype” (a fancy word for a super old and special kind of photograph). On January 19, 1837, the French Academy of Sciences officially announced the invention to the people. The French government liked the idea, and they decided to purchase the patent just after 10 days. But instead of copyrighting the patent, the government decided to give it as a gift to everyone. So, August 19 became the day to celebrate this awesome yet memorable invention.

The first World Photography Day was celebrated on August 19, 2010. It started with a special online gallery of photos. This gallery showed amazing pictures from 250 photographers, and lots of people from over 100 countries looked at them.

When Was The First Picture Captured?

The very first photograph, known as “View from the Window at Le Gras,” was captured by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, a French inventor, in the year 1826. It was the first photo that was captured using a proper camera. The picture was taken from the upstairs windows of Niépce’s house in a place called Burgundy, France. To capture this image, he used a special method called “heliography”. For capturing the photograph, he spread something called bitumen of Judea (which is a kind of natural stuff from Syria that’s a bit like asphalt) onto a piece of glass or metal. Then, the bitumen got harder based on the light hitting it.

This was a groundbreaking achievement in the world of photography, and it marks the beginning of the photography world.

When Was The First Picture Printed?

The very first picture that got printed was around 1826. A French inventor named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented this amazing invention. He used a special plate and some stuff that gets hard with light. After waiting for a while, he cleaned the plate, and that’s how he invented a printed picture. This was the very first printed photograph that people could see and share.

5 Most Beautiful Places For Photography Around The Globe

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is like a dream for photographers, and the Amalfi Coast, which is a special place recognized by UNESCO, is a perfect example of that beauty.

The Amalfi Coast is recognized as one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. It’s like a sparkling gem in the southern part of Italy, hugging the shiny Tyrrhenian Sea. This place is famous for its fantastic beaches, roads that twist and turn up and down the cliffs, pretty vineyards that look like stairs, and lemon orchards that smell amazing.

Some well-known spots on the Amalfi Coast include Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi itself.

You’ve got a lot of options for exploring and capturing. You can drive from village to village on the main road, walk around the charming streets, relax on the beaches, or even hop on a boat to see everything from a different angle.

2. Machu Picchu (Peru)

Machu Picchu in Peru is like a dream come true for travellers who love taking big, breathtaking photos. This famous old place from the 15th century is almost eight thousand feet above the sea. From there, you can see the amazing Andes mountains and the ancient Inca temples. Plus, down below Machu Picchu, there’s a spot called Aguas Calientes. It is a perfect place for taking pictures of the sky at night.

If you’re a fan of taking pictures of wide-open spaces, take a special lens with you that can capture lots of the view at once. Also, for a better experience, wait until the sun is a bit lower before taking photos; that way, the shadows won’t be too harsh and your pictures will look even better and brighter.

3. The Reed Flute Cave

The Reed Flute Cave, known as the “Palace of Natural Arts,” is a super popular spot for tourists in Guilin, China. People have been coming to see it for over a thousand years now. This cave is more than 180 million years old. The speciality of the Reed Flute Cave is its colourful lights, which make the rock formations look amazing. There’s also a lake that’s like a mirror and reflects all the magical stuff around it.

4. Paris

It’s tough to find a city more stunning and famous than Paris; it’s like a dream place for photographers. With a rich history and loads of culture, Paris is a powerhouse of influence. Music, food, art, and fashion—all of them have their roots deep in this city.

History and culture are interlinked right down to the streets. At every corner, you’ll find something charming, like colourful cafes and cosy bookstores. It’s like a treasure hunt for awesome street photos, and it’s an interesting place for photographers to explore.

When we talk about architecture, Paris has some real gems. There’s the ancient island fortress called l’Île de la Cité, the elegant Pont des Arts bridge, the world-famous Louvre Museum with its cool pyramid, and the Eiffel Tower, which is a picture-perfect icon.

It’s not just a city, it’s a canvas waiting for your camera to create some magic.

5. Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is like a real-life fairy tale. It is a place full of stunning views and natural beauty that takes your breath away. It’s got tall, rocky mountains, wide green hills, and pretty coastlines. If you love taking pictures or just being in nature, this can be your place.

You’ll see cliffs that look like they’re from a movie, cool lakes that the Scots call “lochs,” and cute little villages that feel like they’re from another time. Sometimes it feels like a magical storybook where every corner is like a picture waiting to be taken. It’s a place that is meant to be explored with your camera.


When is World Photography Day celebrated?

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19 across the globe. It has been celebrated since 2010.

Why do we celebrate Photography Day?

World Photography Day celebrates the history and future of photography. It showcases and celebrates everything from the first Daguerreotype shots to modern-day smartphone images.

What is the theme for World Photography Day 2023?

For the year 2023, the theme for World Photography Day is “Landscape”.

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